DIALYSIS-Diploma in Dialysis

The Diploma in Dialysis focuses on the overall management, use, discharge, and operation of dialysis machines. Dialysis is defined as the process to purify and filter the blood and remove excess water, solutes, and toxins from the human kidney through an artificial manner followed by medical equipment or machinery. The students are taught the proper usage of dialysis machines as well as the dialysis technique on the whole_ The students are able to identify the major treatment options for end-stage renal disease_ Furthermore, the paramedical diploma accelerates the professional and technical growth of the students_ Moreover, the students are taught the usage of recent Virtual Reality technologies and become confident and empower their skills during lab practical. Student could easily interpret clinical data by themselves. The salary of a Dialysis Technician depends on certain factors including the hospital, its location, its status and the position you’re applying for. Passing out students have plenty of options to choose to work as a Lab assistant, Dialysis in charge, Medical Assistant, Skill Trainer and Unit Supervisor at dialysis centres, multispecialty hospitals, and nursing homes as well as clinical research organizations.