DOPT-Diploma in Optometry

Diploma in operation theatre technology is a 2-year full time paramedical diploma program designed to build a trained and qualified professional who will assist medical professionals (Doctors, surgeons) in the operation theatre of hospitals, intensive care units (ICU) as well as emergency departments. The students are educated with various diagnostic equipment like ventilators, defibrillators, monitors, heart rate monitors etc. Students get training on infection monitoring skills and knowledge and other procedures in the operation theatre. They learn proper protocols and procedures through which they can assist various Doctors in the operation theatre such as anaesthesiologist, nurses etc.


Operation Theatre Technicians work closely with the operation unit comprising surgeon, nurse, and anesthesiologist in the 0.T to maintain the workflow of Operation Theatre. Their main function is to manage the operation theatre during and after procedures including looking after all the surgical instruments, their sterilisation, and preparation of operation theatre table, since Surgery is completed with the combined effort of the team, and not only by one person. They have to protect the operation theatre from any Hazards.