The diverse roles and plethora of professionals that work together to provide better care are essential to the healthcare sector’s success. Trained and skilled professionals assist doctors in saving lives and increasing life expectancy by shouldering multiple responsibilities throughout the entire setup. If you want to work in healthcare and help people, a paramedical career at Santiniketan Institute of Allied Health Science is ideal. After completing 10th grade, a student can enrol in a variety of courses offered by this institute. It is also ideal for young people who have to take on family responsibilities. Its job-oriented courses not only prepare students to be valuable members of the healthcare industry but also provide numerous career benefits such as good pay, job satisfaction, and immediate gratification.

Santiniketan Institute of Allied Health Science offers various healthcare training in various paramedical technology courses or programs in Bolpur and West Bengal. The institution’s primary goal is to develop a strong line of paramedical professionals and meet the demand for paramedics to assist medical professionals. To preserve this, the Faculty prepares the groundwork for students’ admission to various paramedical courses and conducts paramedical examinations through a panel of study board members. The courses offered by the State Medical Faculty of West Bengal are state-approved and the Diplomas / Certificates awarded by the Faculty are recognized by various states and federal agencies for employment purposes.

Our Mission & Vision

Trust , name, nature, objective and scope of academic domain with clause:

To become a leader and a centre of excellence in health sciences education

Integrating teaching and research related to medicine and allied sciences through a transparent system of good community to provide quality assurance in health sciences education.

Better patient care through community-based services that are affordable and accessible.

Acquiring global excellence and thereby increasing employability in a milieu of congeniality, openness andinclusiveness, embedding community welfareand involvement in it

Providing students with suitable career opportunities and placements

To close the gap between demand and supply for highly trained medical and allied health professionals.


The institute aims to provide trained, qualified, technical personnel in the field of Paramedical Science to support the medical profession. Yes SIAHS assure 100% job placement assistance to the deserving candidates.